Keep it up during the holidays!!! A workout for the holidays

Happy New Year everyone!!!

As we all know, holidays result in presents, fun, family time and skipped workouts and extra pounds.

I have been interested in coming up with routines that would be effective, versatile and not very time-consuming.

Especially during holidays or sometimes during injuries, as some of my fellow bjj players know, we tend to work out less and lose our conditioning.

The workout you will see in this video is meant to prevent just that. It is short, cardio intensive and low impact.

The objective is to perform the exercises for 10-15 minutes without rest, thus achieving a cardio workout and maintaining muscle and endurance conditioning.

The video was filmed during Christmas season, and with a knee injury. Therefore the impact on the legs and knees is reduced by performing slow squats without weights. This allows me not to aggravate the injury but maintain leg conditioning.

The workout should not take more than 15 minutes, and in most cases a 10 minute routine would be enough to get your heart rate up and to give you a total body workout.


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