Flu Season … got to deal with it

As any mortal I come down with flu/cold usually once during the season. Being as it may, my turn has come this year. Stuck at home, sick as a dog.

Now, I hate taking regular meds. I still do as Tylenol does help with most symptoms. However, I am always on a look out for good effective natural remedies.

I came about a remedy for sore throat. It might not cure but helps to sooth sore throat and is full of good ingredients that should speed up the recovery process.

Major component is fresh ginger. You can get fresh ginger in most food stores with a decent fresh produce department.

I have made this just with hot water or added mint tea to the recipe. Mint tea adds pleasant flavor and its digestive benefits.

Here is the recipe … enjoy and stay healthy

1) 1-1/2 tablespoon (heaped) of freshly grated ginger (main ingredient)
2) 1 tablespoon (crude/pure) lime (or lemon) juice
3) 1 teaspoon honey
4) 2 cups boiling water
1) Put 2 cups of clean water to boil
2) Peel/scrape ginger skin off, then finely grate ginger pieces until you get one-and-a-half tablespoonfuls
3) Squeeze the lime or lemon until you get 1 tablespoonful and put aside
4) Then place the grated ginger in a heat-proof cup and pour boiling water over it. Add lime juice and honey. Combine by pouring this mixture from one cup into another, over and over, until mixture gets ginger-coloured (Steeping).
5) Sip on/drink this hot mixture as much as you could safely bear, WITH the grated ginger pulp.
Tip: Let grated ginger settle a bit in throat area while drinking
1)Check to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed before attempting
2) Fresh ginger and lime are useful because the beneficial Enzymes are said to be more abundant than powder forms
3) Use this tea/mixture at least twice daily (morning/evening) for 3 days and you will notice the difference before the 3 days

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