Hound Roll #1

I began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu about 12 years ago. There was a 4 year break, but I returned to this beautiful art in 2007. I trained in North Brunswick at www.advancedbjj.com where I received Purple Belt from Brian Katz in 2009.

Last May, in 2012, I moved my training to Marcelo Garcia Academy in NYC http://marcelogarciajj.com . I loved the guys at my previous school, but the level of expertise and talent at Marcelo Garcia’s is hard to match.

I’ve decided to share my reflections of training and the BJJ life with my readers. Hope you’ll enjoy and feel free to comment.

So here it goes:

Drilling lapel drag and reverse umo plata was nice and a good refreshment of a very useful technique. The training involved separating into groups of 3 and rolling for 3:30 with each partner. I lined up with a Purple and a Brown belt.

It is becoming very interesting to observe how I gradually acquire the academy’s style of passing and attack. The methodology is extremely effective. I have tried it few times on guys from outside the academy and have had great success. It is not as effective against guys at the academy 🙂 as we all know it and use it against each other… some better then others. However, I am pleased that I see it becoming more prominent in my game.

I had good succes imposing my game and getting few submissions as well. It is always great to have good rolling partners to hone up your game. Felt great training!!!

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