Universal Misunderstandings Of Jiu Jitsu by Ryron Gracie … reposted from http://bjjvideovault.com/

An interesting perspective on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training and approach http://bjjvideovault.com/universal-misunderstandings-of-jiu-jitsu/ Personally, I agree with Ryron. Original idea of BJJ was exactly what he is talking about... survival. However, with a IBJJF tournament approach, it is hard to practice it to full extend. Never the less, some of it can be applied in a tournament.... Continue Reading →

Hound Roll #1

I began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu about 12 years ago. There was a 4 year break, but I returned to this beautiful art in 2007. I trained in North Brunswick at http://www.advancedbjj.com where I received Purple Belt from Brian Katz in 2009. Last May, in 2012, I moved my training to Marcelo Garcia Academy in... Continue Reading →

People like to hit things, especially guys… and nature knows it

This is an interesting article on human physiology. It discusses research that has been done at University of Utah on human hand physiology and anatomy. The researchers asked a question if a strike with a palm is as strong as a strike with a fist. Well, as Bas Rutten would tell you, it is!!! An... Continue Reading →

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