Hound Roll #2

Bow and Arrow choke… this effective technique claims a highest percentage of people being choked out at tournaments.

Today I had a pleasure of having it taught by Marcelo Garcia and drilling it with a competition level black belt. It is amazing how many small details you can learn from top-level players for a technique that you thought you knew well. Small details of hip movement and positioning made it a much faster and affective attack.

Training was great as well. I have been in the slump for about a month and half now… not feeling like my self and not being happy with my performance. However, as I already experienced many times, the only remedy for that is more training and then some more training.

Finally, I seem to be moving up the hill. I feel better and my technique is feeling more solid. I had great time rolling with 4 purple belts, getting few subs and having good success with guard passing and control.

So till next time … I hope I will continue climbing that hill….


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