Hound Roll #3

Drill, Baby Drill!!! Wednesdays is a drill day. It is 1 hour of drilling and today we worked X-Guard entries and sweeps. Being a part of a school that is full of X-Guard and Butterfly guard masters, it is rather difficult to practice these moves for me. My BJJ background did not include much experience... Continue Reading →

I am a big opponent of specific dog breed banning. Most breed based legislature is based on unfounded reasoning and has little foundation in facts.
Politician’s drafting these rules have little to no knowledge of the dog breeds or dog behavior.
No breed is vicious or dangerous by nature. Some breeds are bigger, stronger and have a higher defensive and protection drive. Some breeds posses a higher game drive. However, it is up to the owner to socialize, train and practice responsible dog ownership.
Thus, in my opinion, the method of specific dog breed banning is wrong and fruitless and only leads to pushing some breeds into underground in to the hands of the people who will use them for wrong and abusive reasons.
An appropriate approach would be to educate and license dog owners and to promote dog training and obedience training!!!


January 2013 – “Denmark has one of the most strict dog breed bans in the world. 12 breeds were already banned and 13 more are lined up, making a total of 25 breeds to be banned in the near future.”The discussion in Denmark went totally out of hand. While reports surfaced that despite the current ban, the number of dog bites have increased and the ban is therefore not working, politicians and media ignored the facts and called for more breeds to be banned. When vets are reluctant to euthanize healthy animals just because they are part of breed, politicians called upon people to practice “do-it-yourself” euthanasia. This message was corrected, yet it shows the sentiment that is present in the country and the horror dogs and dog owners in Denmark are living in.”

“The problem with dogs is not dogs. It is people. And laws that continue to focus on…

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Tandoori Chicken with Indian basmati rice and riata recipe

Here I go again into the Indian food bliss. I must say this one was an exceptional success. The meal was delicious and light. I am not a big fan of rice as it usually tends to be heavy, but in this case it was delicious and light. My girlfriend suggested replacing the mint in riata... Continue Reading →

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