This was a slow and relaxing start of the day. We woke up moored at Sailors Paradise to goat sounds and rooster's calls. After a nice swim we relaxed on deck. As the breakfast was being prepared and I was enjoying a peaceful read, a man onshore began to play a turkish flute and sing.... Continue Reading →

Woke up in Sugut around 9 and took a walk to the village for some produce. After a nice swim we sailed out and had breakfast in the middle of the bay. On the way we pulled into the bay for a swim and came out on shore. There were 3 beautiful olive trees with... Continue Reading →

Woke up to the lapping of the waves at a nice small marina in Ciftlik. First breakfast at sea was a bit rocky but delicious. Coffee (Americano style), eggs, cucumbers and tomatoes and some sandwiches. Headed out to Sugut. The seas were choppy and winds were up to 35 knots. After about 3-4 hours of... Continue Reading →

The day began in Selcuk with a visit to St John's church and burial place and a castle. It is located on top of the hill where St John said to have written his gospel. We also got to make a new friend... Me. Turtle This little guy was not so happy to see us... Continue Reading →

On day 3 we found us ourselves waking up in Bergama at a charming hotel Acropolis Guest house and treated to breakfast by a sweet old lady who was proud of her home grown olives and home made peach jam. Next stop was site of Pergamon. The site of amazing Greek/Roman theater (the steepest theater... Continue Reading →

Taking the ferry to Chanakkale from Eceabat. We caught it the last minute and were the last car on. And we crossed Dardanelles. Our view during lunch on the way to Troy (Truva). Found this gem of a place by accident. We are in Troy... I feel the spirit of Achilles and Hector. Dinner on... Continue Reading →

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