Turkey trip log Day 3

On day 3 we found us ourselves waking up in Bergama at a charming hotel Acropolis Guest house and treated to breakfast by a sweet old lady who was proud of her home grown olives and home made peach jam.
Next stop was site of Pergamon. The site of amazing Greek/Roman theater (the steepest theater in the Roman world)

From there we drove for 3 hours to Selchuk to see amazing Ephesus. On the way we were lucky to taste some great simple turkish food… Kebab, Doner kebab and salad and of course turkish tea.
As we got to Ephesus… This little guys was there to greet us…

I got to say hello to the amazing library of Ephesus (the third largest library of the Roman world)…and one of my favorite spots here…


Got to see my first pomegranate tree


Enjoyed the beauty of moonrise over Ephesus and the Church of St. Marry.


And finished off with dinner with this view and shisha



It’s been a beautiful day

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