Turkey trip log Day 6

Woke up in Sugut around 9 and took a walk to the village for some produce.

After a nice swim we sailed out and had breakfast in the middle of the bay.

On the way we pulled into the bay for a swim and came out on shore. There were 3 beautiful olive trees with gigantic locusts.

Arrived at Sailors Paradise dock. The place is a secluded bay with one resturant and many goats climbing the rocks and roaming the area.

Took a shower and had a nice shave outside with the view of a moon and mountains in the mirror.

Met a nice frog by the shower

We had a nice dinner but the staff was a bit busy with the people from the flotilla.

They had no wifi because the owner didn’t go up the mountain to turn on the wifi.

We had tea and sweets on deck and played a fun game.



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