Turkey trip log… Day 9

Woke up around 9 am. The morning sun was blasting and the night was hot. We were still the only boat at Phoenix. There were huge schools of fish circling around Ipomea.

I got fins, mask, and snorkel and swam with the fish for about 40 minutes. I used Zorik’s GOPro to film the fish. Hopefully we’ll get some good footage. It was a meditative experience to float around with fish and watch them move in perfect harmony with each other and allow me to be part of their universe without having to leave to bother me.

There are about 2 dozen goats climbing the rocks around Phoenix Beach and it is very entertaining to watch them play, climb, and call out to each other. As the sun got hot, goats would find a shade in the rocks on the side of the cliff and just stand there motionless.

The woman from the village baked bread in the oven and we bought a loaf of delicious hot Turkish bread. (Freshly baked bread two days in a row 🙂


We had breakfast and 4 boats with Brits came in to dock. They were loud and obnoxious, so we packed up and sailed off.

Phoenix is a beautiful place.

We motor sailed for few hours and played Hypertheticals while drinking tequila mojitos. Good fun conversation with great friends.

I got a heat stroke from spending a lot of time in the sun in the morning and was feeling weak and drowsy.

We came in to Serce, a long beautiful bay, and docked by Captain Nemo’s Farm Restaurant dock. The only place in the bay.

A dip in the water and cool evening breeze (and Tylenol) brought me back.

The owner of the restaurant is an upbeat guy, but a bit clownish. Girls found him a bit too much. He treated us to Raki after dinner and spend about 20 minutes talking about how Russians suck as guests (present company excluded of course).

As we went back to the boat and restaurant lights were turned off, we were treated to a beautiful sight of a night sky full of starts and a half-moon.




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