Turkey trip log … Day 10

Met the morning at Serce.

On the walk to the bathrooms saw an eel hunting from it’s burrow. Amazing sight as I’ve never seen one aside from aquariums and tv.
It is beautiful and creepy at the same time. Photo Aug 14, 8 39 09 AM
Inna and I spend some time on a bench overlooking the bay as I was writing this blog.

Saw many fish from the boat and snorkeling.

We sailed out to return to Marmaris.

Spend an afternoon motor sailing and talking over wine.

Great conversation with friends.

Marmaris arrival was uneventful. We showered and went out for dinner.

Marmaris waterfront seems like a busy party place.

There is a spot at the Marina with a sign “Cat’s feeding place” and there were many cats there.Photo Aug 14, 2 44 00 PM

On the way back we were escorted by a calico kitten. This little guy escorted us all the way to our pier and would have followed us to the boat if Lena didn’t hold him.Photo Aug 14, 5 21 29 PM
We took the leftovers of turkey and brought it to the feeding place … Again happily escorted by the calico kitten.Photo Aug 14, 5 30 51 PM Photo Aug 14, 5 31 34 PM

There was half a dozen kittens there sleeping in the bicycle baskets and little cat houses. Our guy would not share his turkey with anyone and at some point held down another kitten with his claws by the ear while eating his food. He’ll grow up to be “The Boss” of Marmaris marina.Photo Aug 14, 5 37 25 PM Photo Aug 14, 5 35 51 PM Photo Aug 14, 5 34 48 PM Photo Aug 14, 5 34 29 PM Photo Aug 14, 3 50 56 PM

The escort by the calico kitten was a perfect closure to an amazing sailing trip.

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