Grilled Middle Eastern Turkey Burgers with Golden Beets and Carrots baked fries

My wife has been talking about wanting to make turkey burgers for quiet some time. I always found turkey to be on a blend side and requiring some kind of flavor enhancer. This burger recipe is perfect to satisfy both desires ... Turkey burger full of flavor. The mint and parsley, with an enhancement of... Continue Reading →

Easy and delicious Tandoori Chicken recipe

Indian food is delicious and full of flavor and spirit. However, it can be heavy, complicated and time consuming to make. This recipe is great for two reasons; It is easy and fast to make; and with summer right around the corner it allows for an opportunity to grill out-doors. The chicken came out tender and... Continue Reading →

Fish Curry

Delicious recipe. Fun and easy to make. We used cod and it came out flavorful and tender. This fish curry is clean and healthy and has a nice balance of spice. Will make again for sure.

Eat like a Roman!!! Oxtail Stew Roman Style recipe

I love history and Ancient Rome is one my favorite periods. I always wondered what people ate in ancient times. I found this recipe in several forms on the internet. This is a simple and hearty dish that will make you feel like you are dining in a tavern of ancient Rome among rugged legionnaires... Continue Reading →

Chicken and Kale Bibimbap … Easy and great cold weather treat

This delicious and easy recipe is a lot of fun to make and is perfect for cold weather evenings. We have modified it slightly. For the lack of Korean stone bowls we used a wok to prepare 3 portions together. We added scallions, snow peas and doubled the amount of carrots. We used chili garlic... Continue Reading →

Journey into Thai food continued

My venture into Thai cooking continues. My girlfriend and I prepared our first healthy and delicious Thai Lemongrass soup. It was accompanied by a second dish of quinoa with shrimps. The meal was tasty, healthy and satisfying. It is went well with some white wine. As we cook more and more, we find a great... Continue Reading →

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