This was a slow and relaxing start of the day. We woke up moored at Sailors Paradise to goat sounds and rooster's calls. After a nice swim we relaxed on deck. As the breakfast was being prepared and I was enjoying a peaceful read, a man onshore began to play a turkish flute and sing.... Continue Reading →

A fascinating podcast train ride … Tim Farriss Podcast with Josh Waitzkin

I have been Tim Farriss' fan since I've read his book "Four Hour Workweek." I came about his podcast few weeks ago and added it to my list. Today i decided to listed to the Second episode of the podcast with Josh Waitzkin. Main reason I chose this episode is that I know Josh as... Continue Reading →

A beautiful poem from a friend’s blog “Thousand Lions In”

Check out his blog and his Facebook page VUP (Very Unimportant People) I'm a very unimportant person and my family has always been struggling for money. Financial & mental rat race is where we live. I'm the one who carves, chisels and polishes the statue for months and is kept away from it behind... Continue Reading →

Life is worth living

Thus to emphasize the afterlife is to deny life. To concentrate on heaven is to create hell. -Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins This line so perfectly describes the calamity of organized religion and the insanity of religious fanatical faith. The obsession of blind faith with God and afterlife leaves no room for beauty... Continue Reading →

Messing around with Monya

As it might be apparent I am a dog person, but I find it entertaining to mess around with my girlfriends cat Monya. He and I have a rapport of respectful love/battle mode. So I pick on him and he picks on me. Here are some pics of our interactions And sometimes I... Continue Reading →

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