A beautiful poem from a friend’s blog “Thousand Lions In”

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(Very Unimportant People)
I’m a very unimportant person
and my family has always been struggling for money.
Financial & mental rat race is where we live.
I’m the one who carves, chisels and polishes the statue for months
and is kept away from it behind metal barricades at the red carpet opening.
I’m the one who is sent to war because i’m the dumb meat,
which you can shoot for your entertainment or as they say:
‘in the interest of our nation’ or ‘in the name of God’.
I pick the garbage out of sewages in the morning,
my left & right rubber boots have holes in the same place,
i work in the factory and usually by 6 in the evening
i’m drunk or watching tv.
I don’t have much brain, so i’m easily tricked by
the educated ones.
I have my hands with which i dig, saw, build, clean and cook
and when i get sick i’m on the waiting list for surgery.
My voice is mute,
My vote is bought.
I’m christian, buddhist, jew, muslim, hindu and i’m etcetera,
I’m still a slave and i will remain so.
At this, i would like to thank all the VIPs of this world
for raping my children in your monasteries,
shoving baton into my rib-cage,
testing chemicals on my elders and
building cottages on top my ancestor’s graves.
i thank you for brainwashing, continuing colonization under disguise of globalization,
and turning science into murder exercise.
i thank you for killing, imprisoning and
bribing the truth.
i’m VUP and if by blind fate
i will become important
i’ll do the same thing…
this is samsara – the vicious circle,
but i just saw somebody who came to break it…

Che Guevara Is Dead
(Very Unimportant Person 2)
I’m well-educated, my house is on loan,
I go for a fancy vacation twice a year,
my kids are in good school.
Everything is ok. But something is missing.
I live in routine, I have many good things,
but when I talk about ‘the happiest days of my life’
I always refer to the past.
Although I clearly see & understand that
many things around me are wrong,
I don’t have time to do anything about it,
except being critical or sarcastic.
I don’t walk red carpets, neither do I roll them out,
I watch them on my huge LCD.
I’m VUP with an ego, diploma and a credit card,
so I usually tip the workers & close the doors
behind my family comfort.
Everything is ok. Job. Car. Bank.
Just don’t leave me for too long one on one with myself.
I don’t like to face all the things I wanted to do & didn’t.
I’ve compromised a lot to reach this level of comfort,
and I will not jeopardize it for anything.
My self-worth depends on the amount of ‘likes’ from others.
I don’t know why i’m losing hair, they say its stress,
but what the hell to do with all these gray hair and belly?
Hate the ‘getting old’ part.
Power and money rule,
wars are needed,
I just hope my children won’t have to go.
If I have to sign a deal that will benefit my family,
but harm millions somewhere else,
I will do it without blinking.
I might sound jaded and I don’t care.
This is how real life is –
so tough shit if you are down poor, Sherlock.
These are the times of the material…
But I just saw somebody who came to
change this game and for the first time in years
i felt that i became harsh and bitter,
i became dull and then, suddenly…
i had a wish to LIVE differently

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