Shadow and Ghost – How I went from Harley to BMW

As a kid, I always wanted  a Harley Davidson. I road my first Harley in Las Vegas when I rented a Sportster to ride to Hoover Dam in 2012. It was my first licensed motorcycle ride.

My next experience was on a Fat Boy which I rode through Death Valley in 2014. That led me to buying my own Harley.

In 2015 I bought HD Dyna Fat Bob, which I named Shadow. It is an awesome and   powerful machine of 1584 cc of raw muscle and thunder. Despite of it’s size and power, Dyna is agile enough for NY streets and has the looks and sound to turn heads. Hey, 50% of riding a motorcycle is the looks :).

“Shadow” 2011 HD Dyna Fat Bob

I enjoyed Shadow for 3 years and was convinced that I’ll be riding it for some time.

Until… I went with few friends to a BMW demo ride. I was going just for fun and for a ride. For the fun of it, I decided to ride the coolest looking bike offered, R Nine T. I had no intentions of buying or switching to a different bike.

As I kicked off and pulled on the throttle, I knew that I’m in trouble. The torque, agility and precision of R Nine T is amazing .

It was, the so well known, precise BMW engineering.  Everything felt sharp, precise and on point. And, it was an unbelievable amount of fun!

Harley is all about power and brawn. R Nine T is an exhilarating machine to ride and I finished the ride with a huge smile on my face. The shifting is sharp, torque is exciting, breaking is powerful and the bike goes where you want it to with precision and exhilaration.

From there it was just a matter of time until I figure out how to sell Shadow and get what I christened Ghost.

Now, it’s time to make it mine.

“Ghost” 2017 BMW R nine T

Shadow, thank you for the times and rides we had! You’re my HD and I’ll remember you for that!
Ghost, we gots some riding to do!!!

Shadow and Ghost side by side

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