Motorcycle Test Ride Agreement

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If you’re selling your motorcycle, many buyers will want to test ride it. I am sure it is a sensitive issue for any motorcycle seller, like it is for me. I was trying to figure out a way to allow a potential buyer to test ride the bike and have myself protected at the same time. After some research, I found a nice and neat contract that can be signed by both parties to cover an event of damage during the test ride. The contract hinges on a requirement of the buyer having full agreed upon amount in cash at the moment of the test ride. Feel free to copy this if you need it:


Agreement for Test Ride


This agreement is between  __________________  (“Rider”) and  __________________ (“Seller”), for the sole purpose of Rider taking a test ride on a ___________________________________motorcycle currently stated to be owned with clear title by Seller.


The Agreement in it entirety shall be that Rider places the full requested purchase price of $________ with Seller while Rider performs the test ride on the subject motorcycle.


In the event of Rider causing damage to the subject motorcycle during the test ride Seller may, at his option, request that the pending sale be executed at the full asking price, and all mutual; obligations shall be considered fully discharged.


In the event that the subject motorcycle is returned to Seller with no new damage, then the Seller shall return the entire $_________  to Rider, and all mutual; obligations shall be considered fully discharged.





Rider: ___________________________ Date: __________




Seller: _____________________________ Date: ____________



Good Luck!

Note: This post is not with intend of legal advice nor am I an attorney. Please use at your own risk and discretion.


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