Osho experience … Ying and Yang “The Dynamic Duo”

This post is dedicated to my Dynamic Duo, Ying and Yang.

They were my companion spirts in Pune.

Yang is the white boy and Ying is the black girl. They are both of a special breed … Indian Street Terrier.

They escorted me every morning to Dynamic meditation. 

As I would come out to walk the North Main road, one of them would be there … Sleeping, but awake as dogs always are. I’d get a greeting and the other would show up … As if they knew that their friend is awake. 

We would say good morning and I’d give them a treat and I would start my walk to Dynamic meditation. As I walk and talk to them Ying would stay by my side … Following or leading just a bit. Yang would run ahead, or dance around me, or chase the cars and trucks on the early morning runs.

I would spend those minutes talking to these two buddies of mine … asking them how was their morning and poking jokes at them. And they just stayed with me along that path, happy to be there for my morning journey.

We’d go together until the guard posts of the resort and Ying would turn around and start heading back while Yang would go as far as he is allowed and watch me walk away.

They had to go in to forbidden land with me. The block before Lane A and this lane (that’s where Osho resort is) belongs to other pack of dogs. The first day we had to bid a quick retreat down the block as four or five dogs came up snarling and barking their warning. Yang growled and stood ground as Ying stood by my side as I shooed the block owners off. Next time we stayed together and crossed the road a bit earlier to give the land owners their respect. But Dynamic Duo braved the risk and followed me to my destination. 

We saw each other again the night before I was due to leave. And they followed me again to my apartment and waited by the gate as I went upstairs to get them a treat.

We played and I scratched their heads and we said our good byes.

Yang watched me walk away as Ying sat next to him watching the road.

Fare Well Dynamic Duo… I will see you again.

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