Child-44 by Tom Rob Smith

Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith My rating: 3 of 5 stars This book was highly recommended by a friend.Because of that I think my expectations were quiet high. Unfortunately, the book fell a bit short of it.It is an interesting narrative and takes place in an era rarely represented in English literature. Stalinist Russia... Continue Reading →

Teething!!! Aw the Joy!!!

Dexter is four and a half month and the teething phase is up on us. His permanent teeth are coming in and all the "fun" aspects of teething are right behind them. Adult dogs have 42 teeth. Puppies have small and very sharp teeth. Around 4-5 months of age, the new permanent teeth start... Continue Reading →

Five personal virtues you need for dog training!

There is no magic to training a dog. I strongly believe ... "There are no Bad Dogs; There are only BAD Owners!" Any dog can be trained, no matter the age or the breed. It is up to the owner to take the effort and put in the work necessary for training a dog and... Continue Reading →

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