Osho experience Day 1

My first experience of the meditation resort was on a rainy fresh day.

After a standard HIV test and a brief 20 minute intro we went for a Laughing Drums meditation. It was a nice celebration of drums and stillness. I was not moved by it, but I think it was a good warm up for things to come.

Second meditation, Nadabrahma, was a lot more engaging. Humming with a group of people and feeling the vibrations permeate the room created warmth and equilibrium within. I experience complete relaxation during the second part of the meditation. My muscles became fluid and relaxed. 

Third and last was Kundalini meditation. My mind went into full rebellion during the third stage of the meditation… Stillness. The imagery and sensations went from heat and vibrations to loss of balance and sexual imagery. It was a great experience of relaxation and recharging.

So day one track record was … 3 masala chais and 3 hours of meditation. 

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