Drown the Great King … Review of The Great King by Christian Cameron

The Great King by Christian Cameron My rating: 4 of 5 stars Not as strong as the previous book, but greatly improved towards the end. Arimnestos is getting older and is leading the younger generation in to the epic war.I really enjoyed historic characters like Leonidas, Xerxes and Themistocles come to live. Cameron , as... Continue Reading →

Sound of the Book: Shantaram is Down Under

Some books become special for us. A story might have touched us in some way during a special time in our life. I have few books that I have connected with in that way. However, in the past few years, I've noticed that some books have associated themselves with specific songs. Whenever I hear the song,... Continue Reading →

5 reasons the retractable dog leash is the worst invention, EVER

I really do not like retractable leashes. My main concern is with lack of control as stated in reason 5. Once the dog is released there is no way to get the leash back or give a solid leash correction. ^ ft leash for walk and a long lead for training are the best tools in my opinion.
Never mind that most retractable leashes would not be able to handle a very strong large dog.

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The hidden dangers of a retractable leash

How often have you been out for a walk and seen someone walking their dog on a retractable leash? Probably a lot, they’re everywhere. Well let’s take a look at the hidden dangers that are associated with those “convenient” retractable leashes.

5 reasons the retractable dog leash is the worst invention, ever

  1. Severe burns: That’s right, you can get a severe friction burns from the thin line of a retractable leash. I can tell you from experience they are painful and take forever to heal. The backs of both of my knees have deep scars left from my friend’s retractable leash line. The dog went after a squirrel and the leash wrapped around my legs, burning the backs of my knees wide open. It took 2 months for this to heal because of where the burn was.leg-400x297
  2. They cut through skin like butter:…

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Grilled Middle Eastern Turkey Burgers with Golden Beets and Carrots baked fries

My wife has been talking about wanting to make turkey burgers for quiet some time. I always found turkey to be on a blend side and requiring some kind of flavor enhancer. This burger recipe is perfect to satisfy both desires ... Turkey burger full of flavor. The mint and parsley, with an enhancement of... Continue Reading →

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