Sound of the Book: Shantaram is Down Under

Some books become special for us. A story might have touched us in some way during a special time in our life.

I have few books that I have connected with in that way. However, in the past few years, I’ve noticed that some books have associated themselves with specific songs. Whenever I hear the song, I automatically think of that book.

I decided to start sharing these associations on the blog.

I can’t always explain why this specific song connected with a specific story. I’ve speculated, but I am happy to leave my spirit judge this and allow these connections to come about as they may.

I don’t want to over think it … These associations make the story and the music more special for me and I shall allow it to continue without hindering it by analytical examination.

Without much further ado … Here is my first couple
ShantaramShantaram by Gregory David Roberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Very good book with an amazing description of Indian life, people, culture and food.
Tends to drag on in some parts but is an entertaining and engaging story.

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As you will hear in the song, the man in the song is 6’4” and full of muscle from land down under … to me he sounds like Lindsay … and I just can’t help but to think of him as I listen to this song.


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