The Spear and the Sea … review of Poseidon’s Spear by Christian Cameron

Poseidon's SpearPoseidon’s Spear by Christian Cameron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Awesome sequel to already great historical series.

Cameron switches gears and brings us in to the world of naval warfare and adventure during the Classical Greek period.

The reader is immersed in to the fascinating details of difficulties and dangers of sailing very basic and yet highly efficient boats of the time, triremes and merchant vessels. Cameron does a great job demonstrating the life of an ancient sailor and the challenges and perils they would face while exploring the oceans.

It is fascinating and fun to be immersed in culture clash between different peoples of the time and to experience the conflicts and battles through Ari’s eyes.

All I want now is to get an aspis and a helmet, hold a heavy spear and stand on the nose of a trireme as it races through the waves.

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