Even Killers do not enjoy War… “Marathon” by Christian Cameron book review …

Marathon (The Long War)Marathon by Christian Cameron
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I believe this installment of “The Long War” series is even better then the first book.

Cameron delivers an amazing description of the Battle of Marathon.. The politics, details and the action leave one unable to put down the book, or in my case Kindle.

However, what I mostly enjoy is Cameron’s understanding of fighting men and the complexity of war and combat. Regardless of dying, winning or cowardliness some men are heroes, some are killers, and some are just there and fight to survive or protect their family and friends.

I also enjoyed his perspective on combat in sport and in war. Competition, while grueling and often dangerous, still remain a sport and men enjoy it for what it is. War is never joyful. Even true Killers do not enjoy it!!!

The historical aspects of the novel are well researched and provide an opportunity for a reader to get immersed in the life of that fascinating period.

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