Bleeding Romania. The truth about stray dogs from Romania (graphic images)

The extermination of dogs in Romania is horrific.

I understand the problem of large stray dog populations and acknowledge that it needs to be remedied. However, the way it is done in Romania is inhuman and vicious. The mass torture and inhuman abuse of animals is government sponsored and sanctioned.
What I cannot comprehend is how people who are involved in this can be so vicious and cold heartened. Many of the images and videos show people not just trying to exterminate the dogs, but to implore the most cruel methods and seem to enjoy the process.

Children are encouraged to witness and to participate in the process of murdering animals.

To me this demonstrates an ingrained social aberration in Romanian culture. Modern civilized societies ought to hold themselves to higher moral and social standard and endure that future generations are raised with a sense of social justice to those who are weaker and defenseless.

The way people treat animals is a god indicator of how they will treat fellow human beings!!!

Beware, the images in those videos are graphic and may be hard to watch.

3 thoughts on “Bleeding Romania. The truth about stray dogs from Romania (graphic images)

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  1. Hello. Thank you for sharing those images. Unfortunately, Romania is on 4th place in Europe after the number of crimes. So this shows a real connection between cruelty against animals and crimes against humans. We have no power to stop this. EU doesn’t want to intervene.

    1. I agree that USA or European Union has limited abilities to intervene. however, I believe publicity through social media and other routes has an effect. Often, governments and people will respond faster to social outrage then to other governments.

    2. Yes, you are absolutely right – those who are not nice to animals, are not nice to humans either… Romania is an overall criminal country.

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