With Winning in Mind by Lanny Bassham … short review

With Winning in Mind by Lanny Bassham My rating: 4 of 5 stars Great approach from sport to life. Hope it will be useful in my training and life goals. Definitely will test it out for my next tournament and personal goals. The main objective is to maintain positive and task oriented attitude. Might not... Continue Reading →

“He’s very protective”

Great, short article. Many people believe that their dogs will protect them. However, most dog owners, have no experience with protection dogs and lack an understanding of what a good and well trained protection dog’s behavior should be like.
I was the victim of such ignorance myself, before I was lucky to meet a person who was willing and able to demonstrate the proper attitude and replicate it in dogs.
Not all dogs can be good protection dogs, despite of their breed, but all dogs can be raised and trained properly and to the best of their ability. They will devote their lives to their owner, however it is the owners responsibility to raise and develop their K9 friend to be a competent and confident dog.

Paws Abilities

“He’s very protective of me,” bragged the owner of the German Shepherd I had been called out to evaluate. “He won’t let anyone near me.”

Indeed, her 18-month-old Shepherd was telling me in every line of his body that he did not want me anywhere near him. Head down, eyes wide and staring, muscles tense, and softly growling, he was not a dog I had any desire to approach. He was not, however, “guarding” his owner.

Many fearful or insecure dogs act just like this Shepherd, growling and posturing when people come near their special person. However, their body language tells the true story: these dogs are worried. Their weight is often shifted over their hindquarters, and they rarely position themselves in between the new person and their owner. They lack confidence, and make up for it with their “the best defense is a good offense” approach.

So why…

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This Gluten-Free Thing Is a Really Overblown Fad! by http://www.marksdailyapple.com/

I have been on almost gluten free diet for over a year. I would agree with the article that even though I am not allergic to gluten explicitly, trying to limit it in my diet did bring me to a cleaner and healthier diet. As a result, I dropped 20 lb in about a year... Continue Reading →

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