Dexter’s good morning 

Hmm… We’re up a bit earlier then usual. The little furry brother seems to be doing his usual thing and I can hear Him doing the stuff he always does when I wake up. That means it will be time to go soon.

Ah, here He is. I’ll watch Him to make sure I don’t miss the time we can go. Ok… Just a bit longer… I hear a dog outside … I have to let them know to stay away… Woof!! There, I told them… Feels good.

Ok, He is coming … And … I’m out. The neck thing is on and we go! As usual, the furry brother tries to come too, but I help Him to chase him away.

The room before we get outside is moving and I have to sit here and I get a treat! That feels good … All is in order.

I pee on my tree … Hi tree… Glad to see that no one inappropriate peed on you since I saw you!

Ok … Now I wait for Him to put those tasty things that I sniff out. Ah!!! I can bark at this small flying thing while I wait!

Ok … Here we go… He says Sook and I sniff and find tasty things and he is happy when I do and I am happy cause he is happy and tasty things make me happy… And that makes Him happy!!! GOOD!!!

I know this… Wait … No I don’t. Hmm … I walk close to him, but now he wants me to lie down as we go. I think I get it. Let me try to get up?!?! Nope … He doesn’t like that. He likes when I walk and when he says Down, I lie down! Got it! I lie down … He is happy and I get a tasty thing and I am happy!!! GOOD!

I do things I know and He is even happier. Wow… This is great!

Oh cool, this dark girl is here and He lets me play with her. She runs and I run and if she doesn’t run… I raff at her and she runs. Oh oh … He got my Preciuos! It is so cool how He does that. Ahh… She got my Preciuos!!!! Must get it back! That’s right!!! It’s mine and I’ll take your Precioius! Ha … I’m the Boss! Hmm … Ok, He is the Boss, but I am right after Him! Cause he controls Preciuos, but I got it back from the dark girl.

We’re back in the safe place and I know food is coming. Food!!! Ok… I wait until he makes that sound and now I can eat!!! Food!!! I like Food!

Food is gone… I wish there was more Food! Ah, little furry brother … Come here … I said Come Here!!! Look, I brought you Precious to throw for me! You still don’t know how to do it? It’s ok you’ll learn one day! Maybe if I press it on you and chase you you’ll learn. No? Fine, we’ll work on it more.

He gets me and throws the tasty stick into my home and he seems happy and I am happy. 

Now I wait until he is back and we do happy stuff! I know he’ll be back so I just got to wait here. Hey!!! The tasty stick… Let’s see if you got tastier!

It’s a GOOD morning!

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