Meditation: The First and Last Freedom by Osho

Meditation: The First and Last FreedomMeditation: The First and Last Freedom by Osho
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As most of Osho’s books, this one is an easy read. What sets it apart is it’s delivery of Osho’s foundational philosophy of meditation. The details and descriptions of all of Osho meditations build up to his general view on meditation and it’s place in our life.

Osho shows in this book that mediation has to become your life and not just an exercise practiced periodically.

Various meditations become a tool for understanding and experiencing of meditation as a life practice. Yet, the objective is to live your life as meditation with full presence in every action.

Thus, this is probably one of the more important pieces of Osho’s literature for any one who is looking to understand his methodology and approach.

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