Turkey trip log Day 12

Day 12
The day began with meeting a kitten who I shall call Mr. Sultanahmet.

He was at most 3 months old and  was hanging out in the outside area of our hotel. We found him sun bathing on the bench of the outside tables where we had breakfast. Mr. Sultanahmet was not eager to surrender his throne and had to be bribed with cheese. Then he decided to partake of Inna’s coffee and was demanding more bribes as he chose the steps of the hotel as his new sunbathing spot.

Between me and some kids he ate more cheese and salami in then his own body weight.

Then on the agenda was the Grand Bazaar. Despite my expectations, as I thought guys would not enjoy the hustle and bustle, we had an amazing time shopping and bargaining for a bunch of souvenirs and treats for our selves.

On our way to Spice Bazaar, we stopped for lunch at a resturant in the middle of the market street chaos and enjoyed a delicious shvarma sandwiches and kunefe(a hot cheese pastry).

Spice Bazaar was awesome and we all got caught in one shop and spend a good amount on sweets and teas.

The day wrapped up with dinner and a nice hookah by the walls of the palace.

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