Hound Roll #8… don’t forget the basics

Don’t forget the basics…

As we continue training and are exposed to more and more techniques, we tend to forget the basics.

I caught myself forgetting one of the most basic submissions in BJJ. The cross lapel choke. I was reminded of it by a friend and a BJJ Black Belt, who pointed out to me that it is often an option in many situations.

As we established a dominant position and try to go for a fancy sub, it is alway good to remember this easy and very effective option. It could be implemented from guard, side control, mount, or turtle position.

I was rolling with an opponent and as he was trying to turtle up while in my half guard. My initial attempt was to go for Clock Choke. However, as my opponent defended that attack, the basic collar choke was available. It is effective, hard to stop and powerful choke, that can put one to sleep if they do not tap in time.

So, remember the basic ad don’t be shy to use the techniques you learned in your first month of training.

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