Easy hack to get your dog interested in a chew bone again… Chicken Broth

Dexter plays with elk antlers. You can buy them online or at a pet store.

Elk and deer antlers are great chew toys. They do not chip and don’t smell. They last a long time and dogs love them.

However, often the dog gets bored with the bone or finds another toy to play with. At $15-$20 per antler, it’s too expensive to throw out.

So here is a solution, thanks to a Facebook user from Cane Corso group. Boil the remaining piece in chicken broth for 10-15 minutes.

Dexter has two antlers to play with and he has been ignoring the older one. I used chicken broth cubes and boiled both antlers with a cube for about 10 minutes.

Result: Dexter could not stop chewing them and kept switching between the two.

Great rescue of an expensive toy and the dog couldn’t be happier.

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