Your kid doesn’t want a dog!!!

I was telling few co-workers that I got a puppy. One of the people I was having a conversation with said that she would like o get a dog for her kid. She would like her ten-year old to walk the dog and to have something to be responsible for. My response "Your kid doesn't want a... Continue Reading →

A little bit of training

We have been working on come, sit, down and leash walking. All is done with lots of praise and encouraged with food. We do randomly about 20-40 minutes a day of training in between walks and play. It is paying off and here is a short clip of Dexter doing Sit and holding the position... Continue Reading →

MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins … A Must Read!!!

MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom by Anthony Robbins My rating: 5 of 5 stars A must read!!!Robbins uses his enormous access to world's top financial experts and giants to decipher the complexities of investment and retirement planning. He breaks down myths, assumptions and misinformation on retirement investing.He also lays out... Continue Reading →

First work day in the crate

Today was a first day that Dexter spend in the crate without access to wee wee pads. I am proud to say that he held for about 8 hours. Very proud of my boy!!!

Dexter and Kong Wobbler Dexter got a present ... Thank you Chris. Kong Wobbler with some dry food inside makes for a serious obsession toy and allows me some relaxation time.

Play time with a ball

Dexter is beginning to develop a liking to playing with these ball toys. It is a great way to tire him out before bed time PS. He also enjoys chasing them 🙂

Dexter is learning how to speak cat … aka not to bite Monya’s tail We have been working on learning not to chase the cat every time. Dexter's favorite thing is to run up and grab the tail, but Monya is not a fan. So we are working on hanging out together without chasing or biting. These are important skills for Dexter to learn for peaceful co-existence with... Continue Reading →

Raw food vs Dry food Costs

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Dexter The Corso

I am seriously considering going with raw food option for Dexter.

Here is him trying it for the first time…To say the least, it was a success

It has been 3 days and we are doing kibble (Taste of the Wild Salmon) in the morning and raw Bravo Turkey Blend in the evening as a transition process. I do see qualities of raw food that many people speak of. Dexter’s stool is more solid and he is drinking less water after he eats raw. There hasn’t been enough time yet to make a better evaluation, but so far there has been no negative side effects.

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